Adapt. Adjust. Persevere.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we recognize that as you watch the news, in addition to thinking about your own safety and that of your family members, you have the added concerns of the impact to your business. As you find your business in a situation where you need to adapt, adjust and alter your plans, we want to help.

If you need to:
• Add an online payment option for your products or services
• Publish a list of FAQs to communicate updates to your customers in a manner that is available 24/7
• Create an email marketing system that easily allows you to send messages to your customer base
• Create an online course or offer digital downloads of materials previously delivered in person
• Collect information and updates from customers via online forms and/or Intranet systems
• Create a home-based kit or delivery service for your product offering.

Let’s get creative with how small businesses react and adapt to what is happening right now. If you’re looking for ways to bring your business online, let’s chat. We are complying with the Governor's latest guidelines and are closed for face-to-face meetings, but a quick 15-minute call could be all we need to help create a plan that will help your company survive as consumers adapt to new ways of doing business.

Questions? Let me or Kim know. We're available by phone at 207.236.2896 or by email.

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